• Please be sure to inform our ticket office in advance should you pass your tickets on to other persons, as we will require their contact details.
  • There is no regular box office on concert days.
  • The capacity of our large parking lot has been reduced by making each parking space three spaces wide. This will make it possible to have a stress-free and relaxed arrival.
  • Current regulations for public transport apply to our bus transfer service.
  • Tickets will be checked contactlessly at the forecourt to the Auditorium.
  • Each seat is assigned a specific waiting area indicated on your ticket. There is a separate bar, consumption zone (not open after the concert) and coat check available in each section. Please leave your section only to access the restroom.
  • Pre-concert talks are available as Podcasts one week before the concert instead of taking place in the Reitschule. (only available in German)
  • There will be no programme booklets for sale. These are available free of charge in the waiting area.
  • Admission into the Auditorium from the waiting areas will be staggered. Please be in your zone no later than 40 minutes before the concert begins.
  • All concerts take place with no interval. No latecomers will be admitted.
  • The large space between the stage and the audience area will ensure a safe distance between the public and the performers at all times.
  • The chessboard seating allocation - staggered, with an empty chair between individuals or groups of visitors - will ensure a distance of more than one metre between audience members.
  • Vacate your seat following the concert only when prompted to do so by an usher. After leaving the hall, please exit the building quickly via your waiting area.
  • Please always follow the instructions given by the ushers and observe all signs.
  • Please always maintain a distance of one metre from persons who are not from your household, and avoid crowding, especially at entrances, exits and the bars.
  • Please observe the current general hygiene regulations such as sneezing etiquette, regular washing or disinfecting of hands etc. Disinfectant dispensers are available.
  • Please wear mouth and nose protection at all times from when you enter the grounds from the parking lot. These may be removed for the consumption of food and drink at the designated tables as well as during the concert as soon as all visitors have taken their seats. We recommend, however, that you wear your mask at all times.
  • Please do not attend the concert:
    - if you are feeling ill and cannot rule out the possibility of being infected by the corona virus
    - if you have had contact with a person suffering from Covid-19
    - if there has been or you suspect there to have been illness in your immediate social or professional environment

Thank you for your cooperation!

We reserve the right to alter these procedures according to official requirements or if there has been a relaxation of these requirement.

You will also find answers to many questions regarding concert tickets and the procedure for purchasing them in the Auditorium FAQ.


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