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That learning doesn’t have to take place in the quiet of your own home or university or school classroom is just one of the most obvious advantages of Campus Grafenegg. The unique ambiance of castle, park and nature in Grafenegg and the famous Lower Austrian hospitality invite concert-goers, internationally celebrated stars and musicians from renowned orchestras from all over the world to spend time here – in the midst of a varied and vibrant musical cosmos that enriches all who come. All activities of the Campus share one idea: making and experiencing music together. The programme was created for university and music-school students, professional musicians and composers alike as a place of encounter, exchange and further education which enables them to directly present what they’ve worked on and in the best possible atmosphere – on the open air-stage Wolkenturm and in the concert hall Auditorium. Study opportunities hitherto available have been expanded in valuable ways: thanks to partnerships with the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO), European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA), University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Lower Austrian Youth Symphony Orchestra (JSO) and the Tonkunstler Orchestra, the Campus offers, in a unique form, a platform for musicians who are on their way to a professional career.

The participants benefit from the presence of tutors who are respected practising musicians and who mentor them individually, as well as from dialogue with their peers, learning from each other. Fellow students are encouraged to get involved directly in the creative process, which can lead to an in-depth dialogue on different approaches. Collegiality becomes more than a buzzword; it’s a striking hallmark of the daily discussion.

Forming new contacts here can be the basis of lasting artistic partnerships. At the same time, there is an intensive contact with audiences, who can both gain insights from the workshops and become a knowledgeable partner in the concerts.

The backgrounds and contexts of the performed are illuminated by various events as well as in the dialogue among participants and between participants, tutors and conductors. Regular performances by the EUYO, which is orchestra in residence in Grafenegg and has its Summer Home here, and the Lower Austrian Youth Symphony Orchestra offer an insight into the ongoing support for young musicians at the Campus both for musicians from the region as from all around Europe.

Another regular of the Campus is the ECMA, a network programme of music universities and festivals across Europe. Under its aegis, chamber music ensembles at the start of their international careers are invited to Grafenegg, where they can enjoy masterclasses with experienced colleagues and cover thematic background knowledge in so-called Music Labs. What’s common to all the activities of Campus Grafenegg is a focus on the aspects that are often overlooked in regular university life and that transcend purely technical perfection, for example: topics like «How do I deal with stage fright?», «How do I present my ensemble?» and «What information should I have about my selected repertoire?».

One of the foundations of Campus Grafenegg in this respect is the Grafenegg Academy Orchestra, founded in 2018, which is made up of gifted young musicians at the start of their professional careers. They are given the opportunity to get to know the working process and the functioning of a symphony orchestra as well as to gain important tools for their musical future.

The INK STILL WET composer conductor-workshop guarantees that, in addition to all the musical work on existing repertoire, the latest contemporary creative processes also enjoy the limelight. Composers from all over the world are invited to submit their pieces and that they can further develop, conduct and present to a broad listening public in a concert.






  1. Make music with musicians from all over the world. The diversity of the Campus participants’ countries of origin, ages and education levels enables a direct, interdisciplinary exchange of experience that overcomes all boundaries and results in a farreaching network.

  2. Learning from each other. Musicians have much to gain from dialogue. Collegial learning is at the centre of making music at Campus Grafenegg.

  3. A range of exciting Music Labs offers musicians all the extra knowledge that is essential for their specialist training but that is seldom conveyed during term time.

  4. Famous tutors from world-class orchestras are there to work with the students, offering their full commitment, along with members of famous chamber-music ensembles and the Composer in Residence of the Grafenegg Festival.

  5. Sound meets scenery. Anyone who has been to Grafenegg has been struck by the breath-taking scenery. With beautiful nature, castle and stately park on the one hand and superb gastronomy on the other, this is the perfect place both to soak up the atmosphere and to engage in serious music-making.

  6. Living, learning and performing combine in Grafenegg over 32 hectares of grounds between the Castle, Wolkenturm, Cottages and Auditorium. Notwithstanding all the focus on working, the need for sociable downtime with colleagues isn’t forgotten. Renewing old friendships and creating new ones are also part of the personal balance sheet that all participants take away with them from Grafenegg.

  7. Exceptional performance venues. The historical and contemporary concert-hall architecture that Grafenegg offers – its Castle, Auditorium and open airstage Wolkenturm – means rehearsal and performance venues with a unique ambiance and excellent acustics.

  8. Additional performance opportunities are offered as part of the diverse Campus programme with Music Galleries, Music in the Park, Preludes and Late Night Sessions as well as other events in and around Grafenegg.

  9. Concerts in the Wolkenturm and Auditorium not only attract an international audience but are also open to Campus participants free of charge during their residencies.

  10. Become part of an excquisite network as alumni of the Campus Grafenegg. Acquaintances made with colleagues here can form the basis of future artistic partnerships and friendships.






The participants profit not only from teaching by experienced tutors but also, to a very great extent, from the exchange of ideas – learning with and from each other. Everyone can get involved directly in the creative process and hold a dialogue on different approaches. Collegiality becomes a striking hallmark of the daily discussion.

As part of the Campus activities and going beyond the rehearsals, musicians attend Music Labs with expert tutors who share knowledge on issues that will become an important aspect of their working life outside of musical interpretation itself. The focus is not on playing perfectly but on developing one’s personality as a musician in general. The insights and knowledge gained make a significant contribution to all future endeavours.

But there’s no shortage of opportunities for performances at Campus Grafenegg, with evening concerts in the Schlossklänge as well as the Grafenegg Festival, the Preludes, Pop-up Concerts, Music Galleries, Late Night Sessions, Music in the Park and many more.

Late Night Sessions. At Grafenegg, it’s not just in the classical rehearsals and concerts that creativity and sheer love of music-making are valued. Members of the EUYO get together in smaller ensembles in a more relaxed atmosphere after their evening events and give night owls the chance to experience musical performances outside of the usual repertoire, adding colourful facets to the experiences of the day.

Music in the Park. At 02.30 P.M. on the four Festival Sundays, this event brings visitors to Grafenegg for walks in the park with varied young ensembles from the Campus playing outside of the conventional venues. The diverse settings chosen from across the extensive Castle grounds enable you to relax and enjoy the experience with all your senses in the midst of nature.

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