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Grafenegg Reitschule

«Confronting the Other: National Identity, Migration and Music»


  • Werner Hanak, moderation
  • Lera Auerbach
  • Thomas Hampson
  • Michael Ignatieff


Thomas Hampson,
Lera Auerbach,
Michael Ignatieff, u.a.

Werner Hanak, moderation

«Confronting the Other: National Identity, Migration and Music» is the main theme guiding the Round-Table at which artists are joined by historians, political experts and interested members of the public. Thomas Hampson is an American lyric baritone, a classical singer who has appeared world-wide in major opera houses and concert halls. Michael Ignatieff is a university professor, writer and former politician. He is currently the rector and president of the Central European University in Budapest.

The starting point for the debate is the issue of how artists have addressed political and social change in their milieu and how they are facing today’s challenges, offering an opportunity to explore this constellation of themes from a range of perspectives. The day’s concert programmes form the artistic point of reference for the intellectual discussions taking place at the Round Table.


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