Built in 2008, the Auditorium stands for the link between the traditional and the modern in Grafenegg. Located between the historic Riding School and the Schlosstaverne, a fluid connection to the historical buildings was created through wall openings and glass transition spaces. The historical structure therefore blends into the new building, creating a unity of both function and form. The technically and acoustically outstanding concert hall serves year-round as the main concert venue. The Auditorium offers seating for an audience of over 1.370 on three levels.

In case of bad weather during concerts on the Wolkenturm, the Auditorium provides an alternative venue. For ticket holders in categories 1 to 5, alternative seating is available, and for category 6 standing room with a seating rail.


The Auditorium is built according to the classical proportions of a rectangular hall, despite the fact that there are hardly any right angles to be found: This is one of the concert hall’s many secrets. The seats are arranged on three levels (Parquet, Dress Circle and Gallery), with the last six rows in the Parquet being tiered. The light appearance of the hall is due to ivory-coloured, polished limestone plaster (according to an old Venetian technique) and untreated oak. Particular accents are created by the acoustically modelled wall panelling and the silver-coloured seats with burgundy upholstery, as well as by the black ceiling construction consisting of acoustic elements and equipped with well-directed lighting. Depending on the programme and the size of the stage, the Auditorium holds 900 to 1,300 people. With a banquet-style seating arrangement 400 people can enjoy this exquisite setting.

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