Grafenegg castle grounds

The Grafenegg castle grounds offer historical, botanical and very modern impressions in a formidable ensemble. On three circular tours starting at the Wiener Tor and ending at the castle, 300 years of the grounds’ history, rare plants from all over the world, architectural masterpieces and new works of art reveal themselves along 40 ground plates.

The fairytale-like castle is surrounded by hundreds of trees from all over the world, including a couple of rarities. The network of paths, on which you can explore the various phases of the grounds’ development, leads to the newly erected open-air arena, the Wolkenturm. Walking about, you also come across modern works of art – replenished over time and always surprising – like the Buchsdom Tower by US American artist Mark Dion, a unique ensemble of nature and human creative power.

Every year, the annual Grafenegg Composer in Residence plants a tree that is typical of their country:

2007 • Krzysztof Penderecki Catalpa erubescens Purpurea
2008  Heinz Holliger Paulownia tomentosa
2009  Tan Dun Davidia involucrata
2010  Cristóbal Halffter Castanea sativa
2011  HK Gruber Ginkgo biloba
2012 • James MacMillan Pinus silvestris
2013  Brett Dean Fraxinus angustifolia «Raywood»
2014  Jörg Widmann Tilia cordata Erecta
2015  Matthias Pintscher Salix alba tristis
2016 • Christian Jost Betula papyrifera
2017Brad Lubman Salix Babylonica tristis
2018Ryan Wigglesworth Quercus robur
2019 • Peter Ruzicka • Aesculus rubicunda
2020Konstantía Gourzí  Juglans regia
2021 • Toshio Hosokawa  • Tokio-Kirsche Prunus yedoensis

The grounds are open to the public all year round. On afternoons with events taking place on the Wolkenturm, the complex is only accessible with a ticket to the concert.

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