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Grafenegg Reitschule


  • Monika Sigl-Radauer, narrator, concept
  • Jonas Rudner, horn
  • Thomas Lachtner, trumpet
  • Thomas Bachmair, trumpet
  • Andreas Eitzinger, trombone
  • Michael Pircher, tuba


«The fire-breathing fairy»
A concert based on the story by Franz Fühmann und Annegret Fuchshuber
6-10 years


Monika Sigl-Radauer • Jonas Rudner • Thomas Lachtner • Thomas Bachmair • Andreas Eitzinger • Michael Pircher

Children’s concert

A long time ago, in a forest not far from here, there once lived a fairy called Anna Susanna Laughabit. There was no winter in that forest. But one day, the Winter King came and wiped the smile off all the animals, plants and even Anna Susanna’s face.

For when the Winter King arrived, it turned bitter cold. So the fairy tried to learn the art of fire breathing from the dragons to thaw the winter – but that took longer than she had anticipated.

Find out in the concert how the story ends and whether spring did arrive at last!


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