Archive: «Schiller Rave» presented by Philipp Hochmair

Grafenegg Wolkenturm


  • Philipp Hochmair, Voice and Play
  • Tobias Herzz Hallbauer, Guitar, Sampler, Sound FX
  • Jörg Schittkowski, Synthesizer, Electronics, Sound Machines
  • Alwin Weber, Electronics, Sound FX, NoiseToys
  • Hanns Clasen, Light and Sound Design
  • Melika Ramic, Production/Assistance


Philipp Hochmair and his Band «Die Elektrohand Gottes»

Finest German poetry meets electro beats: Philipp Hochmair and his band “Die Elektrohand Gottes” transform Schiller's famous ballads into an excessive rock concert. The verses, which are over two hundred years old, are an absolute elixir of life for the actor, nothing to do with compulsory schooling and education, but with techno, industrial and ecstasy. With confrontation!

Philipp Hochmair reaches into Schiller's great linguistic work, searches for the pounding heartbeat of the words, drives an almost unbelievable self-experiment with these literary treasures.

"The ballads are a source of ignition that we want to burn off with the machinery of our devices," says Hochmair. Burn down!

This is not a weary stroll through 18th century poetry.

This is Schiller today, here, now. The explosive energy of these classic ballads is evident under the rhythmic electro-rock sounds of the artist, his band and the extreme stage performance of the actor. You have never heard Schiller like this!

Schiller Rave is classic-overpainting and liberation at the same time. The supposedly old texts are again perceived as sources of energy. From a quick number to the soul trip, everything is possible in this program.


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