German Friends of the Grafenegg Festival

The German Friends of the Grafenegg Festival is a foundation formed in 2018 for the purpose of supporting the advancement of the Grafenegg Festival. We strive to make the festival known to lovers of classical music in Germany, accompanied by organized trips to Grafenegg. The contributions received will be used as subsidies to program parts, particular projects or for the promotion of young musicians.

The following membership categories are available:

Membership / € 120

Bronze member / € 600

Silver Member / € 3.500

Gold Member / € 10.000

Diamond Member / € 20,000

Patron from € 20,000


«Grafenegg is a place, where you can learn to sharpen your senses. In front of the impressive natural setting of the castle garden, the best orchestras in the world together with the most famous soloists and conductors play themselves into the hearts of the audience. As stage serves the avant-garde Wolkenturm, the award-winning open air stage. Embedded in a marvellous wine region, Grafenegg is an overall enjoyment.»

Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Dieter Hundt



Sandra Kritzinger & Johanna Schwarz

+43 (0)664 604 99 753

Grafenegg 10
3485 Grafenegg


The association pursues solely and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of the valid version of the General Fiscal Law (section «tax-privileged purposes»). The German Friends of the Grafenegg Festival operates as an donation collecting association in accordance with paragraph 58 No. 1 AO, whose funds solely will be allocated for  the promotion of arts and culture through the procurement and provision of funds for the realization of tax-advantaged purposes of a foreign corporation.

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