Ink Still Wet

Every year, the Composer in Residence transforms the composer-conductor workshop INK STILL WET into a laboratory of sound.


The Composer Conductor Workshop INK STILL WET is aimed at composers and offers the opportunity to rehearse and perform their own work with a professional orchestra. INK STILL WET is taking place for the 9th time as part of the Grafenegg Festival.

The participating composers will have the unique opportunity to rehearse their own compositions as conductors with Tonkunstler Orchestra and present them to the public in concert. Peter Ruzicka, Composer in Residence of the Grafenegg Festival 2019, will be in charge of the workshop.

Peter Ruzicka works with the participating composers on fine-tuning their works and supports the participants in the preparation and development of their conducting. Focus of the workshop is working on and overcoming of possible barriers between composers and executing musicians as well as the promotion of creative exchange.

The workshop will be accompanied by the Orchestra of Residence of Grafenegg Festival, the Tonkunstler Orchestra. Together, the selected works are rehearsed and the rehearsals are recorded. An in-depth video analysis and the help of a pianist additionally support participants in the realization of their works and their musical ideas.

The workshop is public and takes place in Grafenegg. The compositions of the participating composers will be presented on 31 August 2019 at 4.30pm in a final concert in Auditorium Grafenegg.

INK STILL WET promotes the creative exchange between audience, composers and performers and provides insights into all phases of an exciting work and rehearsal process.
Course language: English


The Man Who Hears Beyond Boundaries
Peter Ruzicka: Composer in Residence
For Peter Ruzicka, music excites when it transcends worldly limitations, when concepts become sound, when the bounds of reality blur. He draws inspiration from Paul Celan’s attempts give form to the inexpressible. Ruzicka is a soul searcher. He uses the history of music as a spur to the new; as conductor he always seeks the ineffable. His own works have been premiered by the some of the world’s finest orchestras. As Composer in Residence at Grafenegg Ruzicka has inspired young musicians with his musical craft and awareness of tradition. He brings an opening fanfare to the festival and the premiere of a new work to the Wolkenturm.

"I am interested in crossovers and musical bilingualism, the change between the present and the unreal expression. ... That may sound theoretical, but in music this idea will hopefully become a tangible experience. " (Peter Ruzicka)






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