Catrin Bolt: A Film for Grafenegg Schlosspark

The initial idea was to play film music over the entire gounds every hour. This would make the park a film set, an artifically created countryside as a backdrop for dramatic, exciting or romantic scenes.

In the end, I did actually use the park as a backdrop for a film. It begins with the reproduced closing sequence from a science fiction classic where the protagonist returns home, which proves to be unreal, a physical manifestation of his image of home. The same shots were repeated without any people, leaving just the backdrop to be seen. The actor disappears entirely, and a black car drives slowly along the park's paths – a scene that actually exists. This is retained throughout the film but with variations in all of the elements. One time the park becomes a landscape of pipes, the car is duplicated, it becomes white, alternating props emerge. The various methods of representation and entirely analogue effects are reminiscent of the most varied of films and stylistic elements. Instead of illustrating a story, the depiction itself becomes the narrative; the surface and the presentation of objects and events are more significant than the content. Beds become structures, motor parts buildings, fabric patterns become levels in double exposures.

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