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«The hearts of music lovers beat faster when Grafenegg is mentioned – this lovely place where culture, architecture, nature and fine cuisine combine to become a greater whole.»

«Grafenegg is – there is no other way of putting it – also an attitude towards life. Because the festival directed by star pianist Rudolf Buchbinder convinces not least on account of an unconventional yet extremely effectual programme.»

«[…] Strolling through the exotic copses, a tangy fragrance actually tickles your nose, the food is great, the art top-class […] Grafenegg has become the shooting star among the summer festivals».
Der Tagesspiegel

«This is what a first-rate music festival is supposed to be: music in great profusion, intelligently arranged, and performed to the highest standard by exceptional interpreters. […] Grafenegg is a delight for all the senses and instructive to boot. Our compliments.»

«The open-air concerts turn the Grafenegg grounds into a magical place, because there is rarely a location that so closely confronts yet at the same time unites the freedom, wildness and power of nature with the refinement, elegance and artificiality of civilisation. The location is reminiscent of Glyndebourne in the UK and Tanglewood in the US.»
Salzburger Nachrichten

«There is rarely a concert hall which makes sound as transparent as the ‹Wolkenturm› does. […] Such acoustic conditions may be referred to as merciless. Or perfect – it depends.»
Die Presse

«Grafenegg has become a place for listening and watching that is unique in this country.»

«Where fifty years ago a blackened monstrosity of a building rotted away in an impenetrable park wilderness, today an international, top-quality music festival attracts 30,000 lovers of music per year to a beautiful, well-kept castle ensemble and to acoustically excellent, modern venues.»
Süddeutsche Zeitung

«A first-rate music festival has been established at Grafenegg within less than five years. The result of a strong political will, a precisely formulated strategy and its determined implementation. A project to marvel at.»
Das Orchester

«The festival at Grafenegg has developed into a major event in the festival calendar within an incredibly short time. Soon, Grafenegg will be mentioned in the same breath as Glyndebourne and Tanglewood ...»

«A vision has come alive in Grafenegg, an exemplary festival for a rural area – and not only on account of the magnificent ambience, the beautiful Wachau landscape and the proximity to Vienna. In fact, the festival does not limit itself to inviting international stars of classical music and first-rate ensembles; the clou is an extensive supporting programme that even includes workshops for children.»
Frankfurter Rundschau

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