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Grafenegg Auditorium


  • Tonkunstler Orchestra
  • Nikola Hillebrand , soprano
  • Johanna Krokovay , alt
  • Werner Güra , tenor
  • Andrè Schuen , baritone
  • Arnold Schoenberg Chor
  • Fabien Gabel , conductor


«Paulus» Oratorio for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra op. 36


Mendelssohn Bartholdy's Oratorio «Paulus» featuring an all-star cast.

Tonkunstler Orchestra · Nikola Hillebrand · Johanna Krokovay · Werner Güra · Andrè Schuen · Arnold Schoenberg Chor · Fabien Gabel


Some sixty years separate the death of Johann Sebastian Bach from the birth of Mendelssohn Bartholdy - yet each would prove significant to the other's advancement. While Mendelssohn Bartholdy brought his forgotten idol back into the public consciousness in the nineteenth century, Bach exerted a formative influence on Mendelssohn's own creative work. An impressive testimony to this is the oratorio «Paulus», performed in Grafenegg on Easter Sunday with a star-studded cast of soloists that includes the captivating soprano Nikola Hillebrand. Taking the podium is the Frenchman Fabien Gabel, presently one of the Tonkunstler Orchestra's favourite conductors. The exhilarating choruses of this glorious work are sung by the Arnold Schoenberg Choir.



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