• Mnozil Brass


Best-of Programme «Gold - Mit Abstand das Beste»
Brass music that appeals to all ages and stages of life: hit tunes, jazz, pop, opera and operetta.

Intoxicating precious metal, melting point 1064.18°C,
Chemical notation AU, atomic number 79.
Frequently found on ring fingers, teeth and Olympic necks, often in leaf-form, less commonly as an LP and sporadically
reputed to be found in the Viennese heart.
And last but not least also on brass instruments.
Mnozil Brass is therefore giving itself and the audience the 27th birthday gift of a Definitive Best Of Anthology Greatest
Superhits Celebration Show, in short: «Gold».


Mnozil Brass


Music is contagious – unfortunately, so is the Corona Virus. Due to official distancing regulations, it is not possible to relocate this year’s Wolkenturm concerts to the Auditorium in case of bad weather. Please see the Grafenegg Festival FAQs for further information.

We kindly ask you to familiarise yourself with the Rules of Conduct before your concert visit. Be there when the music in Grafenegg reclaims its territory!

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