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Covid-19 visitor information

What are the entry regulations for the events?

To attend the events and guided tours, you must prove one of the following statuses with the listed pieces of evidence (in German or English language):
Tested (certified self-tests – 24 hours, antigen tests performed by medical personnel – 48 hours; PCT tests – 72 hours)
Recovered (provide medical confirmation or official discharge decision. A neutralising antibody test completed no more than three months ago will also entitle you to admission.)
Vaccinated (proof of vaccination, provided it’s been 22 days or more since your first injection, is valid evidence for admission. An official vaccination document that’s valid as of the date of the visit is considered adequate proof.)
Children aged 12 or above must also provide one of these documents.

Is my self-test valid as proof of “3G” (i.e. of having been tested, vaccinated or recovered)?

Only if this can be registered by a certified agency.

Can I take a test on site?

No, we don’t offer tests and can’t admit people without appropriate proof.

What are the hygiene measures for the events?

Please keep an appropriate distance from other concertgoers.
Use the hand-sanitiser dispensers provided.
Out of consideration for others, please refrain from visiting the event if you have symptoms.

Can I return my tickets?

If you contract Coronavirus, you may return your tickets on provision of appropriate evidence.

Are there reserved empty seats between visitor groups?

Since 1 July venues are permitted to fill their seating 100%. We therefore no longer keep empty seats between visitor groups.

Are my tickets personalised?

You can only buy tickets if you state a name, address and telephone number. The tickets themselves aren’t personalised, but if you pass on your tickets to someone else, you must inform the box office of the new ticket-holder’s contact details.

Are there bad-weather variants?

Yes, both the Préludes and the main concerts are once more offered with bad-weather variants.

What happens if I or someone else tests positive for Covid-19 after the concert?

If you notice Coronavirus symptoms, please immediately contact the Corona hotline on 1450. The next steps will be taken in close coordination with the regional health authorities and the contact tracing process will be started. We’ll also initiate the contact tracing process if the regional health authorities inform us that someone else has tested positive.

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Barrier-free access

I use a wheelchair. Are there special spaces for me?

There are designated accessible spaces in the first row of the main stalls. The box office will be pleased to book your tickets for them.

I need a walking aid. Are there special spaces for me?

The Wolkenturm has accessible seats both in the main stalls and in the Schloss and Park stalls. The same applies to seating in the Auditorium. Please note there are no handrails. The box office staff will be pleased to advise you.

Where is the barrier-free parking?

The whole carpark has barrier-free access. If you display the correct parking badge in your vehicle, you can use the accessible parking spaces near the Wiener Tor main entrance.

Is there a service for people with people with hearing impairments?

We offer barrier-free listening via WLAN at all event sites. Mobile Connect streams the sound to your smartphone in real time using an associated free app (https://en-ie.sennheiser.com/mobileconnect-app) or using a loan device available at the event box office. The smartphone transmits the audio signal to your headphones, hearing implant or induction hearing aid. Further information and an instruction video are available here: https://en-ie.sennheiser.com/mc.

Can I bring my assistance dog?

Assistance dogs may be brought on provision of appropriate verification. Please inform the box office in advance.

How far is it from the carpark to the venues? How can I obtain support to get there?

The Wolkenturm is around five minutes on foot from the visitor carpark; the Auditorium is around three minutes. You can borrow a wheelchair on site. Please order it from the box office in advance.

Are there reduced-price tickets for people with special needs?

Visitors with disability passes receive a 50% discount on all concert tickets. If the disability pass includes a companion, the companion will receive a free concert ticket.

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Event venues

What items am I allowed to bring to the event venue?

Bags (which may be searched on admission), plastic bottles (up to max. 0.5 litres), cushions and blankets, any items from the Grafenegg Shop.

What items am I not allowed to bring to the event venue?

Glass bottles, glasses, chairs, professional photographic or video equipment, audio recording devices, selfie sticks, laser pointers, laptops, tablets, suitcases, trolleys, bulky items of any kind, knives or any items that meet the criteria of the Austrian Weapons Act (Waffengesetz).

What time does admission begin?

Thirty minutes before the start of the performance.

Is there a cloakroom? Do you have to pay for it?

For indoor concerts, there’s a free cloakroom in the Auditorium.

Is smoking permitted during performances?


Am I allowed to take photographs or film during the performance?

Only accredited photographers are permitted to take photographs or to film during the performance. Photography is allowed before and after the concert.

Where is lost property collected?

Lost property is collected in the Grafenegg box office, and enquiries about lost items can be made during the opening hours (Wednesday to Sunday from 11am to 5pm).

What’s the earliest time I can enter the Schlosspark when I have a concert ticket? What’s the latest I can stay there if I don’t have a ticket?

The whole castle grounds are available to visitors, except on days when there are concerts on the Wolkenturm open-air stage. On these days the area is only accessible during a period starting one hour before the start of the Prélude or three hours before the start of the concert and exclusively with a valid concert ticket.

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How to get here

Is there a shuttle bus to Grafenegg?

A bus service is operated from Vienna for all of Grafenegg’s own events (the bus departs from the Musikverein, corner of Canovagasse/Bösendorferstraße). Bookings can be made up to ten days before the concert, online or in the box office. The return bus ticket costs €12. The return journey departs 15 minutes after the end of the concert.

Can I get there by public transport?

Sort of... Wagram-Grafenegg station is 2.5 kilometres from the site (around 30 minutes’ walk).

I’ll be arriving in my own car. Where can I park?

At the large visitor carpark in front of the main entrance (address: Grafenegg 10, 3485 Grafenegg).

I have an electric car. Can I charge it at Grafenegg?

Yes, there are two charging stations of the EVN network.

Which taxi firms can I contact?

Shägy Taxi Krems (+43 2732 83083)
Brani Taxi Krems (+43 2732 77800)
Easy Taxi Krems Wachau (+43 2732 77100)

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Can I return my tickets?

Once bought, tickets can only be returned on commission. When the sale is completed, the ticket price is transferred back to you minus 15% commission.

I’ve lost my tickets. Can I still visit the performance?

The box office will be pleased to issue you with replacements.

How do I order a subscription?

Subscriptions with regular seats can only be extended or rebooked in the box office. Once the right concerts in the right categories (1-5) have been placed in your shopping basket, a summer subscription will automatically be applied.

What reductions are there and how can they be booked?

There are reductions for members of the Friends of Grafenegg, for Pluspunkt cardholders, for concerts with Tonkunstler Orchestra involvement and for people under the age of 26 – these can be claimed online. Reductions with a disability pass or Kulturpass can only be claimed in the box office on presentation of a valid pass.

Do I need a ticket for my child?

From the age of two a child needs a ticket (reduced by 50%). You must inform the box office if you intend to bring a child under two. You’ll be given a lap ticket (free of charge).

I have a reduced ticket but need a full-price ticket. What can I do?

The Grafenegg box office will be happy to exchange the tickets on payment of the full price.

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Ordering and purchase

What do I need to take into account when ordering tickets?

For open-air events at the Wolkenturm, please note that only categories 1 to 6 have a bad-weather seat in the Auditorium. Tickets in categories 7 and 8 (lawn places) entitle you to entry to the video broadcast in the Riding School. Alternatively, if less than half of the concert has been performed or if it has been cancelled before the interval, refunds may be claimed for tickets in categories 7 and 8.

What payment methods are available to me in the online shop?

You can pay by credit card, Paypal, Klarna or voucher.

When can I order tickets for next season?

Schlossklänge subscriptions can be booked from May onwards; tickets for the Summer and Festival concerts can be booked from November. The exact dates can be found in the current brochures.

When are the box offices open?

The box office in Vienna is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5:30pm; the Grafenegg box office Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 5pm.

Can I buy a voucher?

Vouchers are available in various values (€10, €20 or € 50) online or in the box office.

When ordering I entered the wrong event, the wrong number of visitors or the wrong category. What can I do?

Please contact the box office as quickly as possible. We can only help you in the event of booking errors. It’s not possible to change the order because you have a clash of appointments.

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What shipping options are there for my tickets?

The tickets can be sent by post, placed for pick-up in the Vienna or Grafenegg box offices or provided as e-tickets or mobile tickets.

What are the postage costs?

Postage is free for members of the Friends of Grafenegg. Regular postage is €2.50; signed-for delivery is €5. The cost may be higher for addresses outside Austria.

My tickets haven’t arrived. What should I do?

In the period immediately after ticket sales start, postage may take longer. During normal operations e-tickets are sent within ten minutes, and tickets sent by post should reach you within three working days. Please contact the box office if your tickets take significantly longer to arrive.

What is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket is a ticket sent electronically as an email attachment. This can either be printed out or presented on a mobile device on entry.

What is a mobile ticket?

A mobile ticket is an electronically issued ticket that has to be uploaded into a wallet app. This can only be presented on a mobile device on entry.

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Questions about customer accounts

How can I register in the online shop?

You can register with an email address and a password at grafenegg.com/login.

What should I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

If you click on “request password” you’ll receive an email at the address you’ve entered. You can use this to access the site.

I’ve moved house. Can I return my tickets?

If you move please inform us at so we can update your customer account.

I have a voucher on my customer account. How can I redeem it online?

Your voucher can’t be accessed online. The box office will be pleased to issue it as an e-voucher that you can redeem online.

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All about concerts

Where can I find the event box office and when is it open?

The event box office is in the foyer of the Auditorium indoor concert hall and is open from one hour before the start of the event either until the start of the main concert or until the end of the interval.

What is the Prélude concert and how can I attend it?

The Prélude concert is an introductory event designed to complement the main concert, and takes place every Saturday and Sunday in summer for Grafenegg’s own events. The Prélude takes place in the Castle Courtyard in good weather and in the Riding School in bad weather. Numbered tickets are issued on site (in good weather on the Auditorium forecourt; in bad weather at the event box office in the Auditorium). A ticket is required to attend the evening concert.

Are there introductory talks and how can I attend them?

From the 21-22 season onwards there’s an introductory talk in the Riding School before each of Grafenegg’s own concerts during Schlossklänge and the Grafenegg Festival. Admission is free with a ticket for the evening concert. You don’t need a separate numbered ticket. There’s a podcast for each of the Summer Concerts, available online in the week before the event.

What is a Late Night Session and how can I attend it?

Our Late Night Sessions offer music for night owls in a relaxed atmosphere after selected evening concerts in the Riding School. A ticket is required to attend the evening concert.

Is there catering on site?

Restaurant Mörwald and the Picnic Pavilion are right next to the Wiener Tor main entrance. You can make table reservations by phoning +43 2735 26160. Precise opening hours can be found at moerwald.at/restaurant-schloss-grafenegg.
The “vinothegg” wine shop can be found on the way from the main entrance to the Castle or can be contacted at +43 2735 39939. Precise opening hours can be found at vinothegg.at.

Can I stay overnight at Grafenegg?

Toni Mörwald’s Hotel Schloss Grafenegg is in the Castle grounds and can be contacted at +43 2735 26160 or .

The Grafenegg Cottages are also within the Castle grounds and can be contacted at +43 664 604 99 519 or .

How should I dress?

Everyone’s welcome in Grafenegg however they feel most comfortable – from elegant evening dress to jeans. In summer, most gentlemen come in a summer suit without a tie and ladies wear a summer dress with a warm cardigan for the evening. When the weather is unpredictable, it’s advisable to bring rainproof and practical clothes. In winter, the selection ranges from elegant regional costume to dress trousers or jeans with shirt or blouse.

What are “lawn places”?

The lawn places are available at all of Grafenegg’s own events at the Wolkenturm. They are to the right, left and rear of the Castle and Park stalls. You can choose whichever place you prefer and admission is 30 minutes before the start of the concert. You’re not allowed to bring your own seat; visitors sit on blankets and may bring their own cushions. If the concert is relocated to the concert hall because of bad weather, lawn place ticket-holders are entitled only to the live video broadcast in the Riding School. Alternatively, if less than 50% of the concert has been performed or if it has been cancelled before the interval, the ticket price can be refunded.

Are blankets available on site for my lawn place?

You’re welcome to bring your own blankets or you can buy one at the event box office.

Can I consume my own food or drink on my lawn place during the concert?

This is permitted, but we ask you to be considerate of other concertgoers and to make no noise.

What items are permitted on lawn places and what items aren’t permitted?

You may bring bags (which may be searched on admission), plastic bottles, cushions and blankets, any items from the Grafenegg Shop, food and drink.
You’re not allowed to bring seats, professional photographic or video equipment, audio recording devices, selfie sticks, laser pointers, laptops, tablets, suitcases, trolleys, bulky items of any kind, knives or any items that meet the criteria of the Austrian Weapons Law (Waffengesetz).

Are there guided tours of the Castle grounds?

At the moment the Castle and Park can only be visited as part of a group tour. You can find information on this at grafenegg.com/de/b2b/fuehrungen.

Can I park my camper van overnight in the carpark?

In the Austrian state of Lower Austria it is not permitted to set up or park camper vans, motor homes or mobile homes on open ground outside of authorised campsites. Tents are included in this prohibition. Local campsites include Schloss Haindorf (www.haindorf.at) and ÖAMTC Donau Camping Krems (campingkrems.at).

When is the weather decision made and where can I find it?

The weather decision is made approximately three hours before the evening concert. It’s announced in a recorded message on our phone line, on our website and in the weather text message sent to the mobile phone number you’ve provided.

What happens in the event of bad weather? (including repayment details and bad-weather form)

There is a bad-weather variant for all of Grafenegg’s own events (Prélude and evening concert). Tickets in categories 1-6 for the evening concert automatically have an assigned seat printed on them. Tickets in categories 7 and 8 entitle the holder to visit the video broadcast in the Riding School or to receive a refund (provided the concert was cancelled less than half way through or before the interval). To receive the refund, you must fill in the bad-weather form at grafenegg.com/de/schlechtwetterformular and return the tickets in person, by post or emailed as a scan. Please note that because the Auditorium and Wolkenturm are different sizes, there may be changes of category and seating position, and that adjacent seats at the Wolkenturm may be separated in the Auditorium. If there are still tickets available, holders of category 7 and 8 tickets may pay the difference for tickets in a better category.

Am I allowed to drink/eat during the performance?

Eating and drinking are allowed in the lawn places but not in the seats.


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